[bcc][faked-from] Re: [development] let's cleanup /misc

Walt Daniels wdlists at optonline.net
Fri Jan 6 18:04:18 UTC 2006

> As a slight extension: all should not contain a settings.php 
> file, default should only contain a settings.php file. If 
> /all contains a settings file (defining databases, docroots, 
> etc) will just cause users confusion when they try to change 
> their local site settings.
> The /default folder can actually define a specific site, 
> unlike all, which applies to many sites.
Earlier I objected to default having a specific site. It should be the
prototype for specific sites. Thus all installs should be treated as
multisite with only one site present. This means that when you download a
new release the default setting file that comes with it does not overlay one
of your sites. So perhaps there should be another name for default, like
distributed or original.

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