[bcc][faked-from] Re: [development] let's cleanup /misc

Mark Fredrickson mfredrickson at ppmns.org
Fri Jan 6 15:05:18 UTC 2006

> default (currently) means the default website
> all means for all websites
> Definitely the all functionality can be rolled into default, but that
> might be confusing. I personally would prefer the separate version, it
> allows treating the default site as any other.


As a slight extension: all should not contain a settings.php file, default
should only contain a settings.php file. If /all contains a settings file
(defining databases, docroots, etc) will just cause users confusion when
they try to change their local site settings.

The /default folder can actually define a specific site, unlike all, which
applies to many sites.

This might necessitate an additional file, say "globals.php" in /all for
variables that should be shared across all sites. A use case for this would
be a user using a single database (with prefixing) could set the database in
globals.php and delete the corresponding variable in his/her per site
settings.php file.


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