[development] websiteoptimization.com css size

Bèr Kessels ber at webschuur.com
Fri Jan 6 18:13:55 UTC 2006

Op vrijdag 06 januari 2006 08:46, schreef Dries Buytaert:
> Ber is wrong, Neil is right.  Patches do get through, just don't try
> to do it in one go.  Stop whining about it, and start contributing
> patches. :)
Sorry, I will not stop whining about this. People have written a lot of 
patches for this, most of the writers are considered themers. All of these 
patches are either still open, or were, in the end committed as a one-or-two 
line fix, instead of the proposed "lets strip all the foo, bar and more" 

The reason is not that Dries nor anyone else is not willing to commit the 
patches. Let that be clear. The reason is that everytime the time that same 
stupid debate comes up: Should drupal.css be there for a nice, out-of-the-box 
working site, or should it only provide the highly nessecary lines. We never 
came to any agreement there, and I think we will never come to that.

That was wat I was referring to. not to the patches per se, but to changes 
some patches want to make. Those changes, don't get through. Or if they did, 
they only fixed small thingies, they removed, for example, a no longer used 
line. But netto, the drupal.css file grew with 82 lines (13%) between 4.6 and 
now. Not exactly the thing most patches, themers and issues wanted to 
achieve. I still count 35 colors, 52 margins 37 paddings, 14 floats etcetc. 

And yes, removing them, will render a lot of pieces of drupal less friendly, 
ugly or even unsuable. So removing them will make the 
out-of-the-box-experience bad. But a theme like CS, will fix this experience. 
And It will definately make a lot of themers happy.

I will be the first to spend my weekends on completely skinning that 
drupal.css. (in fact, i have a recent patch here, my drupal.css only 120 
lines) But for now I stopped committing those (and started pointing people at 
the fact that this ever recurring issue is ever recurring), because it would 
be rejected in a discussion anyway.


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