[development] websiteoptimization.com css size

Theodore Serbinski tss24 at cornell.edu
Fri Jan 6 22:19:08 UTC 2006

Actually Ber, you bring up a very valid point.

Why does Drupal ship with drupal.css and etc? Isn't that just a file
for themers to use? Why should they have to write overrides to get
that crud out if they don't want it? Shouldn't it be the other way
around, write a file to include it if they so desire?

I think all of that stuff in misc/ should be moved into the themes
folder. Bluemarine should be expanded (and the other default themes)
to make use of drupal.css. There should be a new 'shared' folder under
themes for the JS files in core that themes can make use of if they

That way, I can create theme ABC and if I want to use any of those JS
files, I can. If it turns out I can't stand resizable textareas, no
worries, only the bluemarine makes use of it, I don't have to tell my
theme to load that JS file.

That makes the most sense to me and would really help Drupal out, in
all areas by seperating things further and requiring less, but still
having a great out of the box experience.


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