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Boris Mann boris at bryght.com
Sat Jan 7 21:40:58 UTC 2006

On 7-Jan-06, at 5:43 AM, Bèr Kessels wrote:

> Op zaterdag 07 januari 2006 14:39, schreef Karoly Negyesi:
>> Yes, but Drumm's solution is to simply move under admin what's  
>> admin on
>> your site, if I understood it correctly.
> out of the tom of my head, a few links to prove this is not always  
> true:
> /node/xxx/edit is admin when i'm maintaining a personal blog, but  
> its not when
> editing my forum post.
> /user/xxx/edit is admiin when I'm moderator and decide to block  
> some users,
> its not when I want to change my avatar.
> /node/add/blog is admin when I am running my personal blog. It is  
> not when I
> add my blog to this huge community blog.
> /handbook/howto_add_a_user is admin for a corporate site that I  
> wrote, where
> they have some dedicated online docs.
> I am sure, that we can come up with a hundred more of these, if we  
> start
> searching. Not all of these can be moved under /admin.

Nothing that you mentioned would I consider "admin" -- none of those  
are areas where you are working with "administrating" the site in any  
way (node editing is editing content). And if you want to have  
different themes, then go for it.

For an out of the box Drupal site, what is admin is what is under the  
admin/ menu hierarchy.

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