[development] Re: the admin theme, profiles

Bèr Kessels ber at webschuur.com
Sun Jan 8 10:39:37 UTC 2006

Op zaterdag 07 januari 2006 22:40, schreef Boris Mann:
> Nothing that you mentioned would I consider "admin" -- none of those  
> are areas where you are working with "administrating" the site in any  
> way (node editing is editing content). And if you want to have  
> different themes, then go for it.

My client considers adding or editing his content as administrating his site. 
Wordpress considers editing "nodes" as administrating. So, maybe Drupal does 
not consider this as administration, but /that/ is the whole point of this 
 Drupal cannot say for sure what is considered an administration page and what 
not. It depends on how a users uses his site. Its a per site thing to define 
what is considered "administrating that site".


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