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Boris Mann boris at bryght.com
Mon Jan 9 09:52:08 UTC 2006

On 8-Jan-06, at 7:14 PM, Adrian Rossouw wrote:

>> Bryght's provisioning system developed by Adrian is closed source.  
>> Last I knew CivicSpace was getting a license of some sort for one  
>> or two projects which are going to go live real soon now.
> All the drupal code is open source, and exists as patches on  
> drupal.org.

Yes, just wanted to clear up *any* misconceptions. All of the Drupal- 
related items are all open source, and are being given back to the  
community. Adrian's work on .install files will hopefully lead  
towards having a module install system which, as Neil says, does not  
include .mysql files and provides the basis for upgrading as well.  
That leaves us only a step or two away from install profiles.

There are some .install files out in the wild (amazon associates,  
IIRC), used mainly for updates at this point, since Neil's updater  
got in to 4.7 but the other components of the installer did not.

Adrian, perhaps you can point to the patches so that people know  
where to look.

> The only stuff that is not distributable is the python scripts in  
> the backend, and our hosting system / client database schemas.
> This system is far from being a generic installer, and is used for  
> maintaining large (thousands of sites) installations, cleanly and  
> easily.

Our provisioning system is closed source at this time...it is only of  
use if you are maintaining 100s or 1000s of accounts and is written  
in Python/Postgresql. If any hosting providers are interested in  
working with us...feel free to contact me directly.

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