[development] E-Commerce - Call for Developers, testers etc

Walt Daniels wdlists at optonline.net
Tue Jan 10 03:59:27 UTC 2006

 On Heydon's test site I was having trouble changing my password (core bug I
suspect). I just tried again and got a different message:
warning: array_filter() [function.array-filter]: The first argument should
be an array in
/home/.emerson/ecommerce/ecommerce.heydon.com.au/modules/user.module on line

But it claims to have succeeded and in fact did set my password.

So far I don't see anything to test having to do with ecommerce on the site.
There is an empty product list and I am not an admin so I can't do much.

It is good to see so many people having signed up to do work.

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