[development] let's cleanup /misc

Theodore Serbinski tss24 at cornell.edu
Tue Jan 10 04:48:11 UTC 2006

Well I never knew my little post a while back would be such a catalyst
for such a heated discussion :-) But it looks like progress is being
made, so that it is awesome!

Just like to point out I do agree with the direction this thread is
taking and have a few comments from.

On 1/6/06, Dries Buytaert <dries at buytaert.net> wrote:
> > * move the default files location under sites/<host>/files
> I think everyone agrees with this one.  If so, Ber can start working
> on this.

Bravo, this should indeed be the default.

> > * add a sites/all directory for all non-core modules, which should be
> >   available for all hosts
> Is 'all' better than the current 'default', or will we have both
> 'all' and 'default'?

I think we might need both. I see this scenario: most users download
and install Drupal and only use it for one site. It should be easy for
them to setup *just* one Drupal site, so we need a 'default'.

However, there are still plenty of users that will want to add more
sites along with Drupal. In this case, they are going to want many of
their sites to share the same modules, so we do need a shared
directory, or 'all' in that case.

> How about the simpler:
>   sites/all/javascript
>   sites/all/stylesheets
>   sites/all/images

I like this much better and it fits in with above. That way the
'default' site can make use of these as needed and as a user extends
their Drupal install with more sites, they don't have to worry about
moving things around or sharing files. It's already done for them.

Now however, this should not above be confused with modules. I still
believe as others have pointed out, that all module specific CSS, JS,
etc should be in that specific directory. It would be *much* too hard
at this stage to extract, move, copy etc files into their respective

However, if a web based installer becomes a reality, we can still use
the above scheme and have all module specific CSS and JS files go into
sites/<host>/javascript etc for easy loading, if need be. It would
make it easier in that case, but, on second thought, is that more
beneficial then keeping them in their respective module folder?
Probably not, but food for thought.


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