[development] let's cleanup /misc

Darrel O'Pry dopry at thing.net
Tue Jan 10 17:37:13 UTC 2006

On Tue, 2006-01-10 at 19:06 +0200, Adrian Rossouw wrote:
> On 10 Jan 2006, at 6:41 PM, Darrel O'Pry wrote:
> >>
> >   -- I kind of have to disagree with this...  php files containing
> > sensitive data should not be in a web accessible
> > directory(settings.php)...
> modules/mymodule/modulename.module is NOT settings.php
> Splitting each of the files that are distributed to you in a tarball  
> into
> individual places is a _lot_ of work.
> What about the people that use drupal's cvs to manage their sites?

I was disagreeing with Ber's Idea that all php file smust not be web
accessible, and that only files that contain sensitive information
should not be web accessible...  and moving one file, settings.php,
which I hope you aren't managing with drupal's cvs, should be a
relatively simple thing todo/

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