[development] Overwhelmed by traffic on this list

Jonathan Kamens jik at kamens.brookline.ma.us
Tue Jan 10 21:41:08 UTC 2006

Bèr Kessels writes:
 > I think the problem lies not on Drupals site. We have forums, RSS feeds a 
 > newsletter, front-page posts, planet RSS aggregation. Just any kind of news 
 > for any person in any format.

Please tell me a single source of information I can access to get the
information I need to keep my drupal code working with the core,
without being forced to filter out many times that more irrelevant
information.  If such an in information source exists, I'll gladly use

But if you're going to turn around and tell me that I need to monitor
several information feeds and/or filter out tons of irrelevant
information just to get the kernels of information that I actually
need, then I'm going to tell you that (a) I don't have the time and
(b) even if I did, that would pretty much guarantee that I'd miss the
crucial information when it was published, for the reasons I outlined
in the message I just sent.

 > What you might consider is either filtering your messages better, or turning 
 > off your mailinglists temporarily. 
 > I switch them off now and then (when on holidays or deadlines). 

I've been active on the Internet for over 18 years.  Please don't
insult my intelligence by telling me that if only I filtered my
messages better, I'd be able to see exactly what I need to see without
seeing anything else.  That's just rubbish.  Maintaining filters takes
time; see my previous message about how I don't have any of that.
Filters need to be actively maintained or they quickly become
obsolete.  And filters occasionally block things that people need to
see, which in the case I'm discussing is the things that I *really*
need to see or my code will suddenly stop working.

As for turning off the list, no, that doesn't solve at all the problem
I'm trying to solve, because how will I know if, while I've turned off
the list, there just happens to be an announcement of some API change
that I need to know about.

As I said in my last message, y'all are certainly free to decide that
there's no need for what I've suggested.  I'm not going to waste any
more of my time or yours defending the idea, because I think I've made
it perfectly clear why I think it's necessary.  But I think y'all
ought to think about why so many people seem to think that the Drupal
community is hostile to people like me who aren't and don't want to be
dyed-in-the-wool Drupal geeks.  There's an old Yiddish saying, "If
three people say you're a donkey, buy a saddle."


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