[development] Move reset menu items to contrib?

Neil Drumm drumm at delocalizedham.com
Sat Jan 14 09:31:59 UTC 2006

Richard Archer wrote:
> At 7:56 PM -0800 13/1/06, Neil Drumm wrote:
>>I've dealt with the menu system a bit in the past couple days.
> Yes, thanks Neil. You're doing some great work. I can't wait to
> see the finished version of that patch you accidentally posted
> the other day :)

I put every patch in the same directory, so if you see a wrong patch I 
posted it was probably for something in the past. Which one?

> If a menu is created with one of these options and subsequently
> edited, that flag may be cleared and the only way to get it back
> is to reset the menu item.

I'm not touching individual item reseting, just the whole menu.

Neil Drumm

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