[development] Re: Why Drupal 4.7 is late? (long)

Tobias Maier tobias.maier at gmail.com
Sun Jan 15 12:06:34 UTC 2006

there is no documentation but it works the same way as you can see it in 
drupal core

webchick did an example of how a .install file should look like:

cu tobi

Am Sunday 15 January 2006 11:19 schrieb Robrecht Jacques:
> > But there are good things also -- because fixing all this stuff took this
> > long, the upgrade system could run its course and got commited on
> > December 6. It's also a very good thing, now modules can use the upgrade
> > system.
> Where can I find some docs of this upgrade system? I don't find it in
> the developers handbook.
> Thanks,
> Robrecht

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