[development] NULL testing and isset

David K Norman deekayen at deekayen.net
Tue Jan 17 15:26:17 UTC 2006

development-request at drupal.org wrote:
> Date: Tue, 17 Jan 2006 12:24:08 +0100
> From: "Karoly Negyesi" <karoly at negyesi.net>
> Subject: [development] NULL testing and isset
> Hi!
> instead of === NULL use isset, please. Three times faster. If you are  
> using !$foo for NULL testing (checking whether a static is set), then use  
> isset, too. I have not checked how many times isset faster here but that's  
> a language construct and it's a hell lot faster.

I tried it out. I looped through a check of === NULL and isset each
700000 times.

The === NULL loop took an average of 1.57 secs, and == NULL was 1.68
secs. The !isset test was only 0.28 secs and empty at 0.25 secs on my
Athlon 2400+.

Using !$var was the fastest at 0.21 secs, though I think ! is sloppy and
is the most difficult to tell what exactly is being tested. I'll keep my
test script for a while if anyone wants to see (31 LOC).
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