[development] Issue with multisite url creation for edit forms action parameter...

Tao Starbow starbow at citris-uc.org
Tue Jan 24 18:02:18 UTC 2006

I tried posting this first to the support list, but it might be a little 
too deep geek for that list.  This is the only multisite issue I have 
been stumped by.   The problem has to do with the url in the action 
parameter for the edit forms being created incorrectly (Note: only 
tested in 4.6).

This problem only shows up for multisite, and only when I use apache & 
$base_url to make a multisite site look like a single site.  For example 
the main CITRIS site is really located at 
citrissrv2.berkeley.edu/citris.  It sits behind an apache server that 
does a proxy pass from www.citris-uc.org  to 
citrissrv2.berkeley.edu/citris.  Then I set the site's $base_url to 
www.citris-uc.org , and 90% of the time this works fine.  However, when 
Drupal generates a edit forms, it prepends "/citris" to the url in the 
form's action parameter.  So where it should have 
action="/node/123/edit", instead it generates 
action="/citris/node/123/edit".  This does not happen when the $base_url 
is citrissrv2.berkeley.edu/citris and proxy pass is not used.

To deal with this issue, I set up a symbolic link so that 
$durpal_dir/citris just points back to $drupal_dir.  This is an easy fix 
that works most of the time.  However, modules such as webform and 
project have forms that use secondary pages as subforms, and as the 
pages pass the data back-and-forth, I end up with urls like 
action="/citris/citris/citris/citris/citris/node/123/edit" and so on, 
until the url finally gets too long for the browser to handle, the url 
gets clipped & the user is set to an error page.

I suspect I am going to be diving into core to address this one, but I 
still hope it might just be a configuration error on my part.  I am 
grateful for any tip & leads.

Tao Starbow
Web Architect, CITRIS

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