[development] module categories

ae2005 kae2005 at comcast.net
Tue Jan 24 18:12:57 UTC 2006

categorizing modules -- this is a great project.  another thought.
modules by use.  when you set up civicspace, it asks if you want to set
up a site for
1) politics
2) artists

one category there would definitely 
3) ecommerce
and maybe
4) paid memberships.

on another dimension, stability, we could have categories like
1) well documented
2) contributed by core developers

on another dimension, ease of use
1) easy (only ftp necessary)
2) moderate (need to import mysql tables)
3) advanced

since i'm developing an ecommerce site, i really think it'd be fabulous
to have the list of ecommerce sites (which kieran pointed me to one day
on civicspace, thank you kieran) along with evaluations of how well it's
documented, how stable it is, and how easy to use.

we should also indicate which modules conflict with each other.


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