[development] using #downloads for quality of modules

Robert Douglass rob at robshouse.net
Wed Jan 25 07:14:56 UTC 2006

And there are some excellent modules that get completely overlooked 
because their name and description doesn't necessarily speak to the 
masses. I've just discovered how useful the relativity.module is, but I 
doubt that it gets downloaded and used very much.


Richard Archer wrote:
> At 4:42 PM -0800 24/1/06, ae2005 wrote:
>> one quick proxy for measuring quality of modules could be number of
>> downloads, like the list kieran posted. presumably the most downloaded
>> ones are relatively stable, due to research and filtering done by
>> individuals first.
> I downloaded all the image modules trying to find a good one.
> So they all got a hit, and if I were to rate them none would
> score more than 5/10.
> The high number of downloads of all the image modules simply
> reflects a strong demand for image handling. Not the quality
> of the modules.
> To give useful feedback as to quality we would need a manual
> rating system, or Gordon's suggestion of a "phone home" with
> a list of installed and enabled modules
>  ...Richard.

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