[development] Web Service auth in Core, timeline.

Boris Mann boris at bryght.com
Wed Jan 25 19:46:52 UTC 2006


On 25-Jan-06, at 9:25 AM, Benson Wong wrote:

> Sounds like everybody is busy squashing bugs for 4.7's release. I was
> wondering about the likelihood of authenticated web services (token
> approach or whatever) being added into 4.7. The project I'm working on
> right now really needs it (building on 4.7) but if there's not a
> snowball's chance in hell of it being added I'll take a different
> approach in the interim.

If it is a useful approach, improves the code, etc., it MIGHT get in  
for 4.7. Alternately, you might be able to wrap it as a contrib  
module, and have it applied to the 4.8 branch as soon as that is  
opened for development.

Please use the proper channels on Drupal.org and post your patch  
there, set to "ready for review". Even if it doesn't get in,  
maintaining the patch against core is the clean way to do it going  

John VanDyk was interested and is giving out ponies to all Drupal  
site installers (see http://www.sysarchitects.com/node/11). His  
publish/subscribe modules might be a good home for the code and/or he  
could indicate that having it in core would mean that those modules  
plus blogAPI plus your stuff could all make use of it.

Hope that helps,

Boris Mann
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