[development] Rating module quality

Bèr Kessels ber at webschuur.com
Thu Jan 26 17:18:30 UTC 2006

Op woensdag 25 januari 2006 20:51, schreef Jeff Eaton:
> Again, I don't want to press for using *my* solution to this, I just
> think that pure download stats and issue tracker/commit stats won't
> result in the information that Joe User wants to see when he's skimming
> over the module list.

In fact, I beleive that often downloaded modules will become 
more-often-downloaded, smply because the amout of DL-s rates them high. 

In addition to this, I posted a while ago, a note about the current 
"popularity list" we have. The fact that the top-ten lists four modules for 
image galleries can indicate that:
 * Either people have a lot of image galleries
 * Or they are searching for the perfect image gallery and did not find it in 
the first three.

Definately voting should be there, for only numbers of DLs are misleading. 

Look at the top5 themes on themes.drupal.org, the most of the top5 listed ones 
have been there since day1 simply because they /are there/, in that block. It 
tells little about whether or not people really find the themes usefull.

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