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Boris Mann boris at
Thu Jan 26 20:09:39 UTC 2006


On 26-Jan-06, at 11:09 AM, Kieran Lal wrote:

>> A simpler (?) solution would be to have a forum for each module. I  
>> always
>> forget that the link to "Support Forum" is not module specific. I  
>> can't
>> count the times I've click that link only to be disappointed by  
>> the lack of
>> specificity.
> Code is here: 
> modules/project/
> File a patch here:
> The project module has gotten a bad rep due to neglect.  CSL,  
> Nedjo, and Dries have put a lot of work into improving it.  It's  
> time to stop calling for complete re-writes of the Project module  
> and for the community to start feeling comfortable submitting  
> patches to the most important module in Drupal.

We all agree that project module is a core piece of functionality for  
our community.

I have taken several runs at using it as a user, since the 4.4 days.  
Whether through neglect or it being fundamentally bad (chicken and  
egg...if it's bad, it doesn't get fixed), base functionality hasn't  
worked out of the box outside of People that have been  
around that long have all felt the pain, and are skeptical about the  
current codebase. So...just wanted to clear the air about that.

The very fact that project runs only with HEAD is part of this issue.  
Again, AFAIK, current 4.6 download is broken by default. We should  
remove old releases unless they are going to be fixed...

I *don't* think it's time to stop calling for complete re-writes of  
Project...the in between reality is that we need to work with what we  
have now and for the foreseeable future until we have the time/money/ 
resources to do a planned rewrite that forms a good basis for further  
improvements/extensions...kind of like all of Drupal.

So for now...put down your project.module pitchforks, and file/review  

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