Project module updating (was Re: [bcc][faked-from] [development] renaming modules)

Bèr Kessels ber at
Fri Jan 27 08:42:55 UTC 2006

Op vrijdag 27 januari 2006 05:54, schreef Adrian Rossouw:

> It's a cathedral, ie: a whole bunch of functionality hard coded to
> work in a certain way.
> It needs to be broken up into multiple modules, each with their own
> concern, that can be
> tied together to accomplish whatever project management needs you have.
> ie: it needs to become Lego.

Right! This is exactly the reason that I went for PHPprojekt (talking about 
ugly code...) twice before :(. Project.module makes a lot of assumptions. 
E.G. you can configure the location of CVS, but you cannot *not* use CVS. 
This is whatpeople mean when they do not deploy it outside of typical 
software development environments. If i want to manage the organisation of a 
festival, there is no way I need CVS :)

The Lego way:
 views.module, flexinode and workflow/actions bound together make a perfect 
project management system! I have no time to write howtos and all that, but I 
can tell that IMO that makes a very very good start for a project management 
suite, the proofs of concept look promising.

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