[development] Re: fixed project releases

Richard Archer drupal.org at juggernaut.com.au
Fri Jan 27 20:31:25 UTC 2006

At 10:24 AM +0100 27/1/06, Bèr Kessels wrote:

>Wont fix, indeed. When I wade trough the (very) old bugs, approx 80% of them
>are actually duplicate, fixed or won't fix.

I have read every issue filed against the menu system and closed
all the ones that are obsolete. There are still 8 active issues
older than 6 months and they are all still real issues. Minor,
but real.

I don't want these old issues against the menu system to be closed.
I would also like them to retain their current timestamp so I can
easily see that they are old.

I think it is lazy to simply wontfix these old issues. It takes
only a couple of minutes to identify issues that have already
been fixed. Duplicates are harder to match up, but that's no
excuse for mass deletion of a lot of valid issues.


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