[development] Hello from another developer/Want to add some features

John VanDyk jvandyk at iastate.edu
Sun Jan 29 15:42:40 UTC 2006

We need all of the layers.

The CCK layer is about three things:

- data to and from the database
- content type definitions - configuring content types and field 
types through the web (and, I would add, field attributes to be 
interpreted by Forms API)
- loose coupling between field types, content types, and semantic functionality

The Forms API layer is about the mechanics of translating internal 
field representations into HTML and dealing with standard 
browser-based validation and submission.

I would add to this a third layer, the views layer, which has to do 
with the structure of the output. What part of the content type do we 
want to view, with which criteria?

At 2:36 PM +0100 1/29/06, Robert Douglass wrote:
>roadmaps (ponies and ferrets included) before we see each other next week.

Wow, that's coming right up, isn't it? :)

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