[development] Another (minor) module upgrade step

Scott McLewin drupal at mclewin.com
Sun Jan 29 16:13:41 UTC 2006

I received a bug report against my converted 4.7 wishlist.module this 
morning about submission guidelines appearing twice on the 
node/add/wishlist form.

It appears that the node.module is now retrieving the variable 
$type.'_help' from the variables table and displaying it.  My module's 
wishlist_help function was also retrieving variable "wishlist_help" when 
the node/add/wishlist page was displayed.

I've removed the case for 'node/add/help' in my wishlist_help function 
and the submission guidelines now appear only once.

My question for the Drupal experts: Did I resolve this correctly in my 

I didn't see any indication that I needed to alter my module's hook_help 
in the Drupal 4.6 to 4.7 migration guidelines 
(http://drupal.org/node/22218).  I already missed the revision system 
changes page, so there is a good chance I missed this little change 
too.  :)  However, there is also a chance that the module conversion 
guidelines have missed this very minor step.


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