[development] Re: Remove PHP filter by default

Raven Brooks raven.brooks at buyblue.org
Sun Jan 29 21:57:12 UTC 2006

> The problem occurs when you have a lot of sites, and do not want  
> *anyone* to
> run PHP. You have to disable not only the PHP input.  But also the  
> ability
> for people to switch it on. Which means you ghave to seriously  
> restrict all
> their permissions.
> Same goes for when you *do* what Joe Moderator of your site to be  
> able to
> administer certain areas (like users) but definately not to give  
> the the
> option to run code.

Fair enough, but that seems like something specific to Drupal hosting  
providers.  This would not necessarily be beneficial or desirable for  
the average drupal administrator running a few sites.  I think this  
could be a good feature to include as an option somewhere, perhaps  
invoked from settings.php but I think it should be optional, not  

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