[development] Reboot the PHP filter talk

Karoly Negyesi karoly at negyesi.net
Sun Jan 29 22:14:03 UTC 2006


Wow. This one exploded. Let me sum up what we have and provide a summed  
answer so that the conversation remains focused.

"I can create customized views into the data easily using PHP pages.  It  
would take 10 times as long to write a custom module to do the same work."

This quote nicely sums up what we have so far. However this is not true  
for Ber's nor for my proposal. I said: move the snippet into an inc. Same  
amount of work to _author_ the PHP code than the current solution. Upload  
is a bit harder. However, it seems that people are really want to enter  
PHP code in a webform so, I stepped a bit back and Ber's patch is  
preferred. I still doubt that if someone has the knowledge to author PHP,  
then he can't use FTP.

Ber's patch is a true Drupal solution (mine is not). It factors out the  
PHP filter to another module and let's you decide whether you want a more  
secure site with this module off (even removed!) or you want to continue  
where you are currently.

The two solutions, however, are complementary. If you do not have a PHP  
filter at all (Ber's patch) you could still want to use snippets quickly  
and easily.



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