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Boris Mann boris at bryght.com
Mon Jan 30 07:39:30 UTC 2006

On 28-Jan-06, at 12:23 AM, Gunnar Langemark wrote:

> I got this mail from a list.
> Could Drupal do this with some search engine?
> Louis is a world leader in Information Architecture and a Publisher.

Drupal could do this in a VERY interesting way drupal site-to-drupal  
site. I've begun spec'ing bits of this and know of at least 2 groups  
with funding to put towards this.

* Search on local site by default
* In a sidebar, do an XML-RPC request with results returned from  
remote domains via AJAX
* Could cache remote results and/or push local results to remote  
(shared index) and/or track relevancy (which ones do people click on?)
* Final interesting piece: retrieve remote nodes that matches search  
via publish-susbcribe and store locally as first-class content --  
"matching" content naturally moves through a series of inter- 
connected websites depending on where/when people search for that  

Just an implementation away from reality :P

> Best Gunnar
> Louis Rosenfeld wrote:
>> I'm looking for a search tool that will do this:
>>   1)  Search multiple domains that would be predetermined by me (a la
>> Rollyo)
>>   2)  Return results via RSS
>>   3)  Is free (or cheap)
>> I thought that Google might somehow support this via its API.  It  
>> might, but
>> I can't figure out how to make Google search multiple domains.
>> Any ideas?
>> cheers
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