[development] Moderation bit behavior

Yves CHEDEMOIS y.chedemois at free.fr
Tue Jul 4 18:02:45 UTC 2006

Maybe I'm drifting off-topic here,
The published / moderate thing and the possible interference between them
seem to me sort of related to the "node draft feature" patch in
briefly : allowing a node to have draft versions, that is 
unpublished-yet-to-be-reviewed revisions ahead
of the current published version)

There seems to be a consensus on the fact this feature is wanted.
The patch implements this by creating another "publication option" 
I couldn't tell wether it's the best way to do it, but with the 
suppression of the
"historical" moderation bit being mentioned here, I can't help but 
thinking there
might be a good opportunity to re-think and enrich drupal publication 

Sorry if this is just me adding noise... I would really like the feature 
(if not
the patch itself) to find its way to core one way or the other.


Dries Buytaert a ecrit le 04/07/2006 18:53:
> On 04 Jul 2006, at 17:11, Neil Drumm wrote:
>> Right now we have an inconsistency with our moderation bit. Is it
>> supposed to control the visibility of posts, or is that solely dependent
>> on status? 13 queries say it should have an effect and /up to/ 38
>> queries say no.
>> The issue for this is over at http://drupal.org/node/71730.
>> I think the underlying problem may be that published (status) is not
>> mutually exclusive with moderation.
> The original context of the moderate bit is the queue.module.  With 
> the queue.module, nodes that have both the moderate and published bit 
> set were shown to authenticated users, but not to anonymous users.  
> Nowadays we have node-level permission, something which wasn't 
> avaiable when I originally wrote the queue.module.  If the same can be 
> achieved with a node-level permission module (and I think it can), it 
> is probably best to take the moderation bit behind the barn, and to 
> shoot it through the head.  It's been a pain for years.  :-)
> Taking out the moderation bit should be both easy, fun and rewarding.  
> SQL queries get less expensive, the user experience is likely to get 
> better, and the code becomes easier to grok.
> Maybe check with the workflow people; I believe they had some concrete 
> suggestions about this.  Either way, the workflow people figured out a 
> mechanism to build arbitrary workflows with complex transition 
> schemes, and I'm pretty sure they don't need the moderate bit for 
> that.  The workflow module is the way forward.
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