[development] Moderation bit behavior

Khalid B kb at 2bits.com
Wed Jul 5 15:43:34 UTC 2006

> title  - remove. Titles should be set by node modules (and stored
> where the body and teaser are), not stored in the node table.

Having the title in the node table saves a join when listing node titles
for blocks and such. Most of accesses to titles are for the most current
title, and not the historical ones, so keeping the title in node makes

> status  - remove. Let a module like workflow control the state of the
> node. Or, don't have a state. Let the admin decide. Node_access is a
> better solution than an all or nothing published state, in my opinion.

Worth exploring further.

> promote - remove. Let's move nodequeue into core and make a default
> "front page" queue. This more extensible.

This is an interesting way of doing it and allows many flexible things
to be done.

> sticky - remove. Again, let the nodequeue system decide what is first
> in the order.

How about having the "sticky" node themed differently in a list? E.g. at the
top of a taxonomy listing, the sticky node at the top will have a different
background color? Can nodequeue do that?

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