[development] Modules for Core (was: Moderation bit behavior)

Mark Fredrickson mfredrickson at ppmns.org
Fri Jul 7 14:14:01 UTC 2006

I'm forking the moderation bit discussion into a separate but related  
discussion of what modules should be in 4.8.

Is there a pre-existing list of modules slated for inclusion (and  
possibly exclusion in the case of current core modules) from the core  
package? What conditions must be met for modules to be added or  
removed from core?

If there is not an existing list, I might propose adding:

actions - a solid API module that can be basis of many other modules
workflow - a module that uses the actions system to really get things  
done. This could be the replacement for the "status" field (along  
with the node_access module of the user's choice)
nodequeue - replace the homepage with a nodequeue
views - i expect to hear a lot of +1s on this. Using this we could  
sort a nodequeue by sticky order and then nodequeue order. This  
answers the question below regarding "stickiness" of nodes in the  

As to dropping
tracker - views replaces this
legacy - I don't use this - does anyone who used 4.7 use it?
blogapi - I am under the impression that this breaks a lot. Is it  
worth keeping in core?

I imagine people have their preferences as to modules. For my $.02 I  
would prefer to see more API type modules (eg. voting API) than  
functional modules (eg. buddylist - though I really like this module  
I don't think it should be in core).

Let the flaming begin!

>> status  - remove. Let a module like workflow control the state of the
>> node. Or, don't have a state. Let the admin decide. Node_access is a
>> better solution than an all or nothing published state, in my  
>> opinion.
> Worth exploring further.
>> promote - remove. Let's move nodequeue into core and make a default
>> "front page" queue. This more extensible.
> This is an interesting way of doing it and allows many flexible things
> to be done.
>> sticky - remove. Again, let the nodequeue system decide what is first
>> in the order.
> How about having the "sticky" node themed differently in a list?  
> E.g. at the
> top of a taxonomy listing, the sticky node at the top will have a  
> different
> background color? Can nodequeue do that?

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