[development] Patches 4.8 - New Theme

blogdiva at culturekitchen.com blogdiva at culturekitchen.com
Tue Jul 11 13:59:16 UTC 2006

On  11.Jul.2006, at 05:46, Adrian Simmons wrote:

> As has been said before truly great themes will only be possibly by  
> focusing on the task the web site has to do - blog, brochure,  
> community, e-commerce etc. You actually need a handful of base  
> themes, not one, and that brings us back to the whole  
> 'distribution' thing.



What most people forget when they look at WordPress' theme gallery is  
that WordPress is meant to do one thing and one thing alone : serve  
as a blog. Drupal, with all it's potential uses needs to show and  
demonstrate all the potential purposes and uses for the software  
through it's distributions but more importantly the themes :

Can you get a Meetup.com or Yahoo!Groups design with a distro focused  
on the calendar, forums and the use of mailhandler and listhandler?

Can you get a Evite distro with a special theming of events?

Can you get a nice ecommerce theme?

How about an online newspapery theme with aggregator2?

How about a MySpace theme and distro?

BTW, wasn't MySpace initially created with Drupal? I seem to remember  
it looking really Drupal-like at the beginning.

/ liza

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