[development] Optional context for translations?

Rob Barreca rob at electronicinsight.com
Fri Jul 14 16:24:15 UTC 2006

I started this off another thread about translations as this topic is a 
bit different.
> The biggest improvement (IMO) will be that homonyms (words with 
> different meanings depending on the context/page they are displayed) 
> will be easily solved (I think)..
In 4.6, I had a problem where I wanted to translate something like 
'Title' to 'Blog Title' on the blog form page, but not on any other 
pages.  The problem with the locale module is that translations are 

In 4.7, we have hook_form_alter so we can mess with forms all we want.  
So any translating on a forms page can easily be done in the context of 
just that form.  But what about non-form pages?

Having the ability to add an optional context to the translation would 
be nice.  Hmmm...what about something like block visibility for a 
translation?  Then we could translate a string just for blog, blog/* or 
some PHP vis code.  I'm not very keen on translation functionality, so 
is this feasible?



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