[development] Building $node->body with arrays like FAPI for viewing

Rob Barreca rob at electronicinsight.com
Fri Jul 14 16:40:53 UTC 2006

Also, these could be registered like blocks are on the admin > blocks 
page.  Then, users could rearrange, enable/disable, configure node 
additions just like blocks and even specify page visibility without 
messing with any body_form_alter if they don't know PHP.  This, API 
would allow for that much easier IMO.

Rob Roy Barreca
Electronic Insight Corporation
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San Diego, CA 92130
rob at electronicinsight.com

Rob Barreca wrote:
> I'm talking about the displaying of nodes using PHPTemplate.  Right 
> now hook_nodeapi($op = 'view' or 'links' etc.) has a lot of modules 
> adding to the body like this
> $node->body .= $output;
> Maybe there is a module_setting to put it on TOP of the body or on the 
> BOTTOM.  But most modules just append.  When displaying the node, all 
> of that comes into $content in node.tpl.php.  So if you want to 
> configure that, you have to redo the whole body yourself.  Then, if 
> you install another module that adds to the node body through 
> hook_nodeapi you have to go manually add that to your node.tpl.php for 
> each one.
> If we constructed it like FAPI, with weights, etc.  We could allow 
> modifications of that right before calling render_body($node) or 
> whatever. So hook_nodeapi('view') could do something like
> $body['mymodule']['extra_stuff_added_to_node'] = array(
>        '#type' => 'markup',  // Any other possible values or is it 
> always markup?  What about adding quick forms to send to friend etc.?
>        '#value' => '<div>Cool stuff added to end of node, but can be 
> removed or rearranged with hook_body_alter();</div>',
>        '#weight' => 10, // or could even have 
> variable_get('mymodule_extra_stuff_added_to_node_weight, 10);
>      );
> We could even add comments this way and have much more flexibility to 
> configure when, where, and how items are added to the node body. Also, 
> configuring these options (value, weight) in _settings would be that 
> much easier. Then, with hook_body_alter we can mess with the weights, 
> values, remove just this ONE item without manually reconstructing 
> $content in our node.tpl.php.  Also, this could be applied to links I 
> believe.
> This is something I deal with all the time and I'm very interested in 
> this behavior.  I'd like any input you guys have.
> Thanks!

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