[development] How to create a 'registered by' field in theregistration form?

Leo Burd leob at media.mit.edu
Fri Jul 14 22:17:02 UTC 2006

Hello everyone,

Thanks so much for the different replies to my message.  My intent wasn't to 
generate any kind of rent, though.  I'm really sorry about that!

Concerning support vs. development questions, I don't think there's a clear 
distinction between the two -- at least not for a new drupal user/developer. 
It would be good to clarify that on the website.

In my opinion, the support discussion areas should address questions that 
have to do with Drupal installation and module usage.  The developer 
discussion areas should focus more on  questions about Drupal's API, hacks, 
and overall architecture of the system.  When it's not so clear where 
questions should be asked, I believe either discussion area should be fine. 
It's just a matter of being flexible and pointing the person in the right 

In my case, I was interested in both a) existing modules that did what I was 
looking for, and b) code samples or suggestions from other developers.  I'm 
sorry for not making those points very explicit in my message.

Anyway, the good thing is that several people responded to my request --  
this is one of the many things that I appreciate in the Drupal community! --  
and now I realize that I should have done my homework better and spent more 
time looking at other module implementations more carefully.

Thanks once again for your support,


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> referral module
> affiliate module
> invite module
> There may be others ...

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