[development] Kind of problem - long nodes

Bèr Kessels ber at webschuur.com
Sat Jul 15 07:39:21 UTC 2006

Op zaterdag 15 juli 2006 00:03, schreef Tamir Khason:
> It's seemed to be a problem in Drupal core 4.7.2.
> Long and frequently updatble nodes are cutted (include inside DB) up
> to some countble value. According MySql reference, the maximum allowed
> length of LONGTEXT columns depends on the configured maximum packet
> size in the client/server protocol and available memory. So it might
> be a chance that nodes will be cutted and content will be lost.

Could you open an issue for this.?

It /is/ a MySQL issue, but maybe we cab n find an easy way to protect people 
against this. Like finding that maximum, and prompt a warning.

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