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Boris Mann boris at bryght.com
Fri Jul 21 13:50:15 UTC 2006

On 20-Jul-06, at 4:51 AM, Boerland, Bert wrote:

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>> Not "in the process of" -- it is open source under the GPL. We have
>> protected access to the repository at the moment. Contact me for  
>> access.
> Good to see more code comming in! Do you mean restricted access to  
> cvs or restricted access to d/l this module at all? Since I (and  
> serveral other people [1]) looked for it but cant find it.
> If the restriction / "protected access" holds true for d/l a  
> GPLicences software package, you might get into legal problems. See  
> section 2 of the OSS definition ("there must be a well-publicized  
> means of obtaining the source code") [2] and I dont think a shout  
> out on this ml is qualified as "well-publicized". Then again, IANAL.

I'm  not too worried about it....we just don't have the time right  
now to field questions or deal with the issues of an open wiki (it's  
sitting on a Trac / SVN install). Anyone that wants access has been  
given access.

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