[development] Re: Caching, caching, caching

Ken Rickard agentrickard at gmail.com
Fri Jul 21 19:35:53 UTC 2006

With the new path_alias handling, it seems that the biggest gain is in
cutting the volume of sql queries.

The stuff I did in 4.6 was (again) very specific and based on the settings I
used for Pathauto.

Perhaps we could write an advanced path.module settings page that lets site
admins turn of alias lookups for specific path types -- where a path type is
defined, essentially, by arg(0).  I can think of the following paths that
might qualify:

- node
- comment
- admin
- taxonomy
- user
- blog

This wouldn't require regex lookups on-the-fly, and would be turned off by
default.  But it might allow me to say: only do the following path lookups.

The gain is minor on small sites, but not large ones.

Drawback (and there may be more): Might need a module hook to let module
'register' themselves with path.module's settings.

-Ken Rickard
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