[development] the past, present and future of drupal admin

Bèr Kessels ber at webschuur.com
Wed Jul 26 20:18:33 UTC 2006

Op woensdag 26 juli 2006 18:01, schreef Kieran Lal:
> before we  
> dive into small UI improvements.

From what I have seen in the past, and now again this is very unfair to say. 
Kristjan has hardly ever proposed "small UI improvements". And no, he has not 
got the resources like CS to put people on it to turn this into patches.

Personally I value Kristjan's input a lot higher then some 
statistically-backed up survey, because Kristjan spends a lot of effort and 
time to back his statments up with research, literature, screenshots and 
mockups. We thank a lot of great usability improvement on his input. On the 
same note, a lot of his input has died a silent death, because no 'coder' (I 
prefer not to devide Drupalleers into coders and none-coders) took up his 
ideas and made them work.

So, to conclude: CS's statistics show where we can improve the overall 
experience (Drupal.org[1]). And Kristjan has made a great post, with mockups 
and explanations how we can improve Your Drupal Site. Both are very important 
parts, both need attention. Because eventrhough a lot of effort went into 
improving Drupals admin, it did not become notably 'better' overall[2]. Some 
parts improved, others de-proved.


[1] Besides the "where can I find what" and "how do I use what" improvements, 
we *also* need some better quality assurance. Drupal without contribs is not 
much. But most contribs are "not much" either. Drupal relies on somtimes 
absolutely crappy contribs, or stuff that is not even stable (I am pointing 
at myself too!).
[2] http://webschuur.com/node/638 check the very well structured menu... ?

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