[development] Developing modules for a photo agency

Hannes Lilljequist hannes at perrito.se
Fri Jul 28 12:15:33 UTC 2006

28 jul 2006 kl. 11.18 skrev Bèr Kessels:

> Op donderdag 27 juli 2006 09:02, schreef Dries Buytaert:
>> It would help if you'd explain why you threw out Drupal.  Without
>> that information, your e-mail has _no_ added value.  So care to
>> elaborate?
> Off course.
> I posted the story on my blog, because it has become a rather  
> lengthy story :)
>   http://webschuur.com/node/641
> Bèr

Those are good points. Thanks for sharing your experiences.

There's bound to be some complexity from using a general tool for a  
specific task rather than a tool that is designed from the ground up  
for one (or a few) specific task(s).

On the other hand, you could take the issues you mention and look at  
them as Drupal features that need to be more flexible. For example, a  
setting that controls who can search for users would easily solve one  
of your issues (is there a feature request for that?). Other issues  
are trickier, of course. My point is, it's still worthwhile trying to  
make Drupal an as flexible, modular and generalized CMS as possible.

For me I hope using Drupal will be a decent middle course between  
building something from scratch and buying a readymade solution.


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