[development] Developing modules for a photo agency

Bèr Kessels ber at webschuur.com
Fri Jul 28 21:37:57 UTC 2006

Op vrijdag 28 juli 2006 14:15, schreef Hannes Lilljequist:
> For example, a  
> setting that controls who can search for users would easily solve one  
> of your issues (is there a feature request for that?). Other issues  
> are trickier, of course. My point is, it's still worthwhile trying to  
> make Drupal an as flexible, modular and generalized CMS as possible.

Yup. Agreed. And I try to make at least a few of such patches per project. One 
of my latest ones was the -for me- annoying part that core contact module 
forced you to have user-contact forms if all you wanted was a general one. A 
patch for that cost me less then 30 mins and went into core within hours.

Fact remains that during development of a more complex site, one that is meant 
to fit withing pre-set boundaries (Programs of Demands, strict time plannings 
etc etc) you cannot afford to do this for each and every thing you meet 
across your road. You will get to a point where "enough is enough" and you 
are forced to live with choices other (module) developers made for you. 
Again: not a Drupal issue, but a general one, that comes with any (semi) 
ready made solution.

> For me I hope using Drupal will be a decent middle course between  
> building something from scratch and buying a readymade solution.

Yes. But I would say that Drupal leans more towards the readymade one then 
towards the "build from scratch". It is, as I mention a couple of times, the 
most flexible of the readymade, but it certainly comes with a few of the 
unexpected "choises made for you".

What?? We need 20 development hours only to allow a person to log in directly, 
without registering? That is unacceptible, we must release tomorrow!

Okay, there are solutions for this rather silly example, and fact is that 
someone who needs to release tomorrow should have done his homework better. 
But we all know our examples of where we fought Drupal for days because our 
requirements (or a stubborn client) wanted something that Drupal refused to 


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