[development] LinksDB vs. Links

Boris Mann boris at bryght.com
Fri Jul 28 18:39:38 UTC 2006

On 28-Jul-06, at 11:28 AM, Jeff Eaton wrote:

> Possibly; I would be perfectly happy to see the incomplete  
> administration screen just go away and call the module 'released'.  
> It's a perfectly viable module and API package without that one  
> screen, and just as stable as image.module, say. Branching is more  
> of an issue.

Branch the sucka! Rip out admin and release it as a feature upgrade!

> SysCrusher has continued to work on it, commit patches, and  
> participate in issue queues over the past several weeks so I think  
> it's more a question of calling the module 'done' and 'ready,'  
> which it wasn't before 4.7 shipped.

OK, good to know...like I said, just going by external signs --  
issues queue involvement etc. obviously means it's being handled.

And, of course some "how tos" on using it for common scenarios (links  
directory, etc.) would be good (as MichelleC requested as well in a  
msg that just came in). It's good to recruit early users to help with  
this stuff...assign them a task in the issue tracker, make them feel  

> I suppose it's just frustrating to see people look at an existing  
> module that does 95% of what's needed, and decide to reimplement  
> from scratch to get the extra 5%. There are more and more cases of  
> it every day, it seems. Sometimes it's unavoidable but often it's a  
> real waste.

You bet.

-- Boris
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