[development] LinksDB vs. Links

Boris Mann boris at bryght.com
Fri Jul 28 19:39:38 UTC 2006

On 28-Jul-06, at 12:29 PM, Michelle Cox wrote:

> I don't think you have anything to be ashamed of. LOL! Sounds like  
> you got massively busy. I'm grateful for all the work you devs do  
> on core, contrib, etc and would never presume to take someone to  
> task because they got too busy with other things in their life to  
> work on something for free.
> Thanks for doing the module and I'm happy to hear it's moving  
> forward. But don't ever feel guilty because that old RL thing got  
> in the way. :)

Just wanted re-iterate -- +1 to what Michelle says here.

I think we got all the clarity we needed about participation and  
purpose of code. Thanks, SysC

-- Boris

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