[development] Modules page rework

Morbus Iff morbus at disobey.com
Sat Jul 29 12:46:57 UTC 2006

Generic comments:

  * The page is too wide. I /hate/ tables that are meant to be
    single lines that then wrap (yes, that drupal.module description
    assaults my sensibilities every time!). Remove the word "modules"
    from the package name. We know we're on the modules page.

  * I'm not sure I "get" the links thing. Why should they be in here?

  * Why is help greyed out? In fact, I don't "get" what the greyed /
    active checkboxes are for? What's the purpose of this entirely
    new and unfamiliar UI element?

  * I don't like the "required modules" section. It doesn't seem
    important to have this bit of information break from the
    alphabetical listing of the modules page. To some degree,
    I wonder if we even should list these modules /at all/. If
    they're so important as to be absolutely required (yes), then
    why should the user need to know about them? They are as
    necessary as bootstrap.inc, so should be as invisible as that.
    This can reduce the size of the page too.

  * The version number is irrelevant and useless for a huge number
    of reasons. One, users don't upgrade core modules with out
    updating core, so there's no reason to have the version number
    for every damn line. Two, contrib modules don't have version
    information at all. A views.module that is a  4.8.0 release
    doesn't tell me anything when your July 2006 version is miles
    better than your January 2006 version. Here, you're using
    version to mean Compatibility, and if that's what we're
    aiming for, we need big red warning letters, not a string
    of numbers that can get lost in a column of duplicates.

  * "drupal core modules" -> "core modules". Think Civicspace.

> a) Enabled modules are currently sorted only alphabetically. Should they 
> be sorted by package, then alpha? I'm torn on this one.

If the packages mean anything to contrib, then yes. This would be how 
ecommerce and CCK and og would stick together on the page, no?

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