[development] links best practices (was Re: internal link filter ...)

Ray Zimmerman rz10 at cornell.edu
Sat Jul 29 15:54:16 UTC 2006

On Jul 29, 2006, at 11:20 AM, Konstantin Käfer wrote:
> Just a quick thought: what about using drupal://node/64 or  
> internal://admin/settings style URLs?
> Personally, I find that kind of URLs rather pleasing and easy to  
> remember: <a href="internal://node/54">Get there!</a>

I like this idea. Is there any standard or convention for choosing  
the label we use for such a URL?

Another thing, related to the Links API ... this would allow it to  
distinguish between an internal drupal path and an actual relative  
URL. As is, anything without an http:// (or ftp:// or mailto: , etc.)  
is considered a drupal path, so there is no way to use an actual  
relative URL. Syscrusher, what do you think?

If we can agree on the label to use, I'll create an input filter that  
runs these through url(). I might even be able to come up with a  
patch for the Links package of Syscrusher likes the idea.


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