[development] Modules page rework

Moshe Weitzman weitzman at tejasa.com
Sat Jul 29 17:37:16 UTC 2006

> This is an interesting idea. I'm not sure whether or not it's better 
> than having the settings be a separate link (because making the module 
> name a link doesn't make it clear -- to me, at least -- where it goes.) 
> That said, I also have no problems with it, and would happily implement 
> it that way if people like it.

i like the title as hyperlink

>>  - They are not using checkboxes but buttons.
> I was originally going to change the checkboxes to buttons, but then I 
> realized: What if I want to enable 4 modules at once? Enabling them one 
> at a time would be kind of annoying.

i think multi module upload is quite infrequent, and not all that painful. 
buttons work for me.

please consider the subtabs as i suggested. they might not work as well, but 
i have a feeling they will look nicer than fieldsets

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