[development] Modules page rework

Morbus Iff morbus at disobey.com
Sat Jul 29 19:52:27 UTC 2006

> Where'd you get that there'd be a .ini and a .help, etc? I only have one
> .meta file and it never even occurred to me that there might be multiple
> meta files. This confuses me.

Logical assumption.

  If { module help becomes its own separate file }
   and { module help requires PHP (often the case) }
   and { .ini files are for non-php meta data }
  then { we need a new .help file format }

If we make a PHP-enabled .meta file, however, meta data (your .ini) and 
any eventual attempts to streamline the help system into an external 
file can be shoved into there too. I'm thinking about design for the 
future here.

> Are you saying this just because sepeck took his screenshot at an
> unusually wide browser width? Otherwise, I don't get what you mean by
> 'too wide'.

No. Sentences that break apart like
Are really annoying. We should strive for a modules page where a single 
sentence that doesn't wrap is a grande possibility. It makes scanning 
and reading a lot easier, and encourages strong design and understanding 
of the module itself (if you can't describe your module in a single 
sentence, you don't have a firm grasp of your module enough, IMO).

>> * Why is help greyed out? In fact, I don't "get" what the greyed / 
>> active checkboxes are for? What's the purpose of this entirely new
>> and unfamiliar UI element?
> It's greyed out in the 'enable modules' section because you can't enable
> an already enabled module.

Ok, then the corollary is, why is comment.module,
in the enabled modules section, not greyed out?

> This is a step toward allowing contrib to *have* version numbers. And
> no, I'm not using version to mean compatibility, it's just that core
> modules are going to have all the same version numbers. But as I said,
> what a contrib module puts there *is arbitrarily set by the author*. So

Thanks for the clarification.

> Well if I do away with the word 'modules' in the list (go all the way
> back to the top of this message) as you suggested, that's just 'core'
> and a little too short. Also, I think 'drupal core' is more descriptive.

Why? Developers refer to "core" all the time.

Anyways, distro name makes some degree of sense.

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