[development] Administration page patch committed

Dries Buytaert dries at buytaert.net
Mon Jul 31 11:30:12 UTC 2006

Hello world,

I committed Earl's administration page patch!  Details at http:// 
drupal.org/node/72079.  Great job, Earl.

This is a big change that requires you to update your modules; you'll  
have to re-categorize your modules' admin pages.  Earl promised to  
provide some guidelines to help you make the right decisions.  Keep  
an eye on the upgrade instructions in the handbook at drupal.org.

Chances are that this breaks a number of patches in the patch queue.   
Please take the time to re-roll them so we can continue to make  
progress.  It's exactly 1 month to the Drupal 4.8/5.0 code freeze.

Note that we're well aware that there is room for improvement so feel  
free to submit patches that build upon Earl's work.  It's not  
perfect, but it is certainly a big step forward.  For example, we  
could use some help making the administration page a tad sexier.

Rock on folks!

Dries Buytaert  ::  http://www.buytaert.net/

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