[development] Drupal Administration survey II -- looking for volunteers to do interviews

Kieran Lal kieran at civicspacelabs.org
Mon Jul 31 16:06:19 UTC 2006

On Jul 30, 2006, at 11:54 PM, Steven Peck wrote:

>  Is this 'us' interviewing site admins/Drupal users from a set of  
> questions or?

For the last survey we started out with a basic set of questions like  
the ones below.  We found that some Drupal administrators were  
confused by the questions, or used different language then we had  
anticipated in describing their tasks.  So we changed the questions  
as we went along until they were concise and easy to answer.  When  
interviewing you are looking to be surprised, that means you are  
learning something, so don't be afraid to explore something new in  
the interview.

For example, I was surprised to see how many Drupal administrators  
spent a lot of their time reviewing and installing new modules.  This  
was a surprise and was validated strongly in the survey.   So we  
added the module categorization to the project module to help Drupal  

Many of the tasks that were hard in Drupal 4.6 are not longer hard in  
Drupal 4.7. e.g. upgrading modules, installing modules, multiple  
comment administration, testing for clean URLs, blocks by roles,  
etc.   We need to discover through these interviews what's hard about  
administering Drupal 4.7.

Here's the questions:

How would you describe yourself as a Drupal administrator?
How frequently do you administer your Drupal site?
How long do you administer your Drupal site in a single sitting  
Neil has requested more information about what users use Drupal for.   
Try out some of the questions below to help us come up with the right  
--How does Drupal help you accomplish your goals as a Drupal  
--Why do you use Drupal?
--How does Drupal help the users of your Drupal site?

Can you get to your Drupal administration pages?  -- Validating question
What are some common Drupal administration tasks that you do?
What are some infrequent Drupal administration tasks that you do?
When I administrate my Drupal site, I find it is easy to?  When I  
administer my Drupal site, I find it hard to?
What are some other important Drupal administration tasks that we did  
not cover above?

Once we gather the results from your interviews that will help us to  
develop a multiple choice survey we can put on Drupal.org.


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