[development] Student developer looking for some drupal mentoring

Kieran Lal kieran at civicspacelabs.org
Thu Jun 1 16:38:46 UTC 2006

On Jun 1, 2006, at 8:21 AM, Trevor Mckeown wrote:

> I have also made a few modifations to the listserve module to work  
> with postgreSQL.  I managed to set up another example of ezmlm,  
> qmail, mailhandler, listhandler forum to listserve set up.

In our administration survey of 900 Drupal administrators one of the  
most important tasks for Drupal administrators was integration of  
Drupal and mail.

There is a wide array of different solutions each meeting the various  
subtle but important details related to mail integration.   I would  
suggest that you attempt to get some mail changes into Drupal core.   
A good place to start would be getting mail.inc, http:// 
cvs.drupal.org/viewcvs/drupal/contributions/modules/mimemail/ into  
Drupal core.  I have discussed this with Neil, the current core  
maintainer and he is interested in seeing all Drupal mail functions  
use a standard mail API.

If you would like to help write a chart showing all the various mail  
integration options I'd be happy to work with you to show them all.

Mass Mailers: Mass mailer and PHPList, Simple News, and eNewsletter
Mailing list integration: Mailing List manager, OG_Simpa, OG2List(an  
Drupal based mailing list manager)
Mail helper modules: Listserve, mail handler, notify, Mime Mail
Modules that use mail: contact, invite, cart, and dozens of others.

> I read someone where that there was a desire for a howto to be  
> written on this.  It that still the case?

HOWTO: Integrate mailing lists with forums using listhandler and  
mailhandler: http://drupal.org/node/40777

Yes, these modules need updating for Drupal 4.7 as do the docs.  If  
you have time to contribute, CivicSpace can provide mentorship.


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