[development] Student developer looking for some drupal mentoring

Trevor Mckeown tmckeown at gmail.com
Thu Jun 1 17:28:05 UTC 2006

> I have also made a few modifations to the listserve module to work with
> postgreSQL.  I managed to set up another example of ezmlm, qmail,
> mailhandler, listhandler forum to listserve set up.
> In our administration survey of 900 Drupal administrators one of the most
> important tasks for Drupal administrators was integration of Drupal and
> mail.
> There is a wide array of different solutions each meeting the various subtle
> but important details related to mail integration.   I would suggest that
> you attempt to get some mail changes into Drupal core.  A good place to
> start would be getting mail.inc,
> http://cvs.drupal.org/viewcvs/drupal/contributions/modules/mimemail/
> into Drupal core.  I have discussed this with Neil, the current core
> maintainer and he is interested in seeing all Drupal mail functions use a
> standard mail API.

I too am interested in participating on a standard mail api.
Depending on how these other modules go, I might be able to jump on
this latter this summer.

> If you would like to help write a chart showing all the various mail
> integration options I'd be happy to work with you to show them all.

Yes I would like to talk about this a little more in depth.  This is
probably something I would have to do in my free time however.  I am
not much of a writter (as you can probably see from my mangled emails
;-) ), but I can do some technical drawing.

> Mass Mailers: Mass mailer and PHPList, Simple News, and eNewsletter
> Mailing list integration: Mailing List manager, OG_Simpa, OG2List(an Drupal
> based mailing list manager)
> Mail helper modules: Listserve, mail handler, notify, Mime Mail
> Modules that use mail: contact, invite, cart, and dozens of others.
> I read someone where that there was a desire for a howto to be written on
> this.  It that still the case?

> http://drupal.org/handbook/modules/listhandler
> HOWTO: Integrate mailing lists with forums using listhandler and
> mailhandler: http://drupal.org/node/40777

I read these when I was setting everything up.  Using postgres
definitly made this set up a lot more difficult. The sql code in the
listhandler module had a slight biasis towords mysql, and I had to do
a few modificions.  I need to come up with a patch that would work for
both databases.  As far as i know the database abstraction layer does
not provide support for regular expressions and database independance

for example

db_query("SELECT * from TOOLS where name  = REGEX 'regex'");

will only work on mysql and

db_query("SELECT * from TOOLS where name ~ 'regex'");

will only work on postgresql

Has anyone else had success with listhandler and mailhandler using
postgres?  Maybe we can pool some code together

> Yes, these modules need updating for Drupal 4.7 as do the docs.  If you have
> time to contribute, CivicSpace can provide mentorship.

I am currently working with Drupal 4.6, (4.7 was still in beta when I
started this project), so any updates I would do to this code would be
in my free time, or I might be able to sqeeze this in when I work on
my patches.   Who are the current mantainers for mailhandler and

Thanks for the warm welcome everyone, I am defintley getting excite
about all the possibilities.


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